American Caviar

American caviar is a type of fish roe that is highly prized and sought after in the culinary world. Originating in the United States, American caviar is harvested from the roe of paddlefish, hackleback, and white sturgeons found in the waters of the Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri Rivers. American caviar is known for its unique flavor and texture, making it a popular and luxurious delicacy.

No matter which type of American caviar you choose, it is sure to make a luxurious and sophisticated addition to any dish. From the buttery flavor of white sturgeon caviar to the mild flavor of hackleback caviar, American caviar is sure to add a unique and exquisite touch to any meal.

The Unique Flavors of American Caviar

This variety of American Hackleback Sturgeon Malossol Black Caviar has small, shiny, and jet-black eggs. It has a mild yet one-of-a-kind taste with a reminiscent of nutty, buttery, and oceany flavor that is very similar to Sevruga or Osetra Caviar. It has a creamy consistency and gentle texture, and it provides a soft popping sensation with each bite. This caviar is a great value and offers a sophisticated flavor.

The American Paddlefish is closely related to the Caspian Sevruga, as their caviar is similar in taste, color, and size. The caviar has a hue that changes from light to dark steel gray, and has a buttery flavor to it. Paddlefish caviar is favored by many chefs and foodies, and can be seen served with creme fraiche or blinis as an appetizer or garnish.

The American white sturgeon caviar is renowned for its exquisite flavor, delightful aroma, and stunning lustrous dark pearls. Uniform in size and shape, this caviar encapsulates the classic nutty flavor and decadent, buttery texture that is expected of the highest quality caviar. This creamy and sophisticated roe is perfect for special events or simply as a luxurious treat. Its long shelf life allows you to keep it handy when you feel like indulging in something truly extraordinary. Serve it with different types of crackers, breads, and accompaniments to bring out the flavor of this remarkable roe. For an added touch of elegance, pair it with a glass of fine wine or champagne.

Serving Suggestions

  • (Solo/Alone on a special dish) On a spoon - Caviar is usually served solo, staying cold on a bed of ice. It is best enjoyed with a special spoon made of bone or mother of pearl, as metal utensils are said to change the flavor. It is recommended to take small bites to fully savor and enjoy the flavor.
  • As an appetizer - Caviar is primarily eaten as a starter, usually accompanied by neutral-tasting food such as buttered toast points. It can also be consumed in a blini, a Russian-style pancake, and can be combined with sour cream.
  • Paired - When combining caviar with other ingredients, the flavor and texture of the eggs should be the star of the dish. A touch of crème fraîche can add a smooth contrast to the distinct flavor of the caviar.

Why Does American Roe Varies in Color and Taste?

American hackleback, white sturgeon, and paddlefish are wild caught, and because they are wild their diet and availability of food varies and their roe ranges in color and complexity which plays a vital role in how their caviar tastes.

What makes American Caviar so Expensive?

Populations of American Sturgeons and Paddlefish have been dramatically declining for reasons such over-fishing and barriers to fish movement like constructions of dams. Some states have either banned fishing entirely or have laws in place which limit fishing. This results in caviar scarcity and makes it extremely valuable and expensive.

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