Sevruga Sturgeon Malossol Black Caviar Sampler Set

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The easiest way to sample Sevruga Sturgeon caviar is to get our Sevruga Sampler Set.


    • One (1) x Glass Jar Premium Sevruga Sturgeon Caviar
    • One (1) x Glass Jar Sevruga Sterlet Sturgeon Caviar
    • One (1) x Mother of Pearl 4.5in Caviar Spoon
    • One (1) x Creme Fraiche 8oz
    • One (1) x Pack of Russian Mini Pancakes

    Caviar Ingredients
    Caviar Roe, Salt.

    The average shelf life of American Hackleback Sturgeon caviar varies based on storage conditions such as the ambient temperature and a sterile and uncontaminated container. Unopened caviar in its original container stored (frozen) at 28 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit will maintain its freshness up to about 4 months. To avoid introducing contaminants once opened it should only be picked with a sterile utensil. It should also be consumed within several days, and kept in the fridge.

    How We Ship 
    In order to maintain freshness we package our products well. Our packaging includes a Styrofoam insulated refrigerator container with ice gel packs, which keeps the caviar fresh for several days. Regions with colder temperature and weather will keep the products fresh for a longer period.