Why it is best to serve caviar with a pearl spoon?

Why it is best to serve caviar with a pearl spoon?

Presenting caviar to your guests is truly an art form and there are no insignificant details when it comes to this process. A lot of people enjoy eating high-quality caviar, but not many know how it should be eaten properly with the right utensils. If you are interested in serving fish roe in the best way, pearl spoons are the way to go.

Pearl spoon — the perfect utensil for eating caviar

While talking about traditions regarding the consumption of expensive caviar, one of the first things that comes to mind is using mother-of-pearl spoons. Such a spoon is not only elegant and beautiful, but it offers a number of additional benefits:

  • The most important thing about caviar is, of course, how it tastes. Thanks to the pearl material, these types of spoons don’t affect the taste of caviar. Different metals can negatively impact the incredible flavor of sturgeon caviar, so you will get the most authentic experience when you use a mother-of-pearl spoon.
  • Pearl spoons are designed in such a way that they don’t have any sharp edges, which is something you get with plastic spoons. Because of this, you don’t ruin the delicate texture of this delicious food and you can taste it just the way it was intended.
  • Another thing to mention is the stunning design of pearl spoons. When having a formal dinner or celebration, you want every detail on your table to be perfect and pearl spoons will surely add a touch of elegance. A simple shape in combination with a subtle glow of the pearl material beautifully accentuates caviar in a dish and makes it even more appetizing. Whether you serve red or black caviar, these spoons suit any type.
  • The shape of such spoons is carefully thought-out to hold just the perfect amount of caviar. It is convenient to use during dinner and it is deep enough so that caviar doesn’t spill everywhere.

What dishes should you use to serve?

Just like with spoons, the material of dishes in which you present caviar plays a crucial role. In addition to mother-of-pearl, the best materials that will not affect the smell and flavor of this product include glass, shell, and porcelain. You should avoid serving caviar in wooden bowls or metal dishes, as you want to maximize the flavor and not get any metallic or other unpleasant notes when you eat.
When it comes to the design of such dishes, it should depend on the quantity of caviar, the occasion, and your personal preferences. You can find large serving dishes or dainty pieces that will add an element of interest to your table.