American Sturgeon Hackleback Caviar in a Glass Jar

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American Sturgeon Hackleback caviar is valued for its soft mild and subtle flavor and small velvety black pearl roe grains. It is very similar to Caspian Sea Osetra but roe is smaller in size. American Hackleback Sturgeon caviar is produced from wild Scaphiryhnchus platoryhnchus sturgeon which is indigenous to the Missouri and Mississippi River systems. American Hackleback Sturgeon fish are smaller and faster growing than most of the other sturgeon species growing to about 38 inches at maturity.


Wild Hackleback Roe, Sea Salt.


The average shelf life of American Hackleback Sturgeon caviar varies based on storage conditions such as the ambient temperature and a sterile and uncontaminated container. Unopened caviar in its original container stored (frozen) at 28 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit will maintain its freshness up to about 4 months. To avoid introducing contaminants once opened it should only be picked with a sterile utensil. It should also be consumed within several days, and kept in the fridge.

How We Package and Ship

In order to maintain freshness we package our products well. Our packaging includes a Styrofoam insulated refrigerator container with ice gel packs, which keeps the caviar fresh for several days. Regions with colder temperature and weather will keep the products fresh for a longer period.


Our American Hackleback Sturgeon caviar comes packaged in three different containers. When purchasing you have the option to select the weight and container. The available options are listed in the selection field and there is no mix-and-match. The three containers are:

  1. Glass Jar
  2. Gold Metal Tin
  3. Blue Metal Tin

The Blue Tin container dominated the market for a long time and currently it is the most popular and known container, but as everything progresses another type of caviar packaging was introduced, the Gold Tin. Gold Tin container is the best type of packaging since it is vacuum sealed when packaged. Vacuum sealed American Hackleback Sturgeon caviar can stay fresh longer.


Please do not base your purchasing decision solely on the image. We are still working on perfecting our images. Our images have been digitally altered to display texture and store brand. It is a digital representation of the actual product. The product packaging you will receive depends on the container that you chose upon selecting caviar.